MFA Thesis Show (2024)

exhibited on 5th floor of Cincinnati's Contemporary Arts Center

A Living Word

When i was growing, my mom taught me that when we speak, our words come out as a sword that the angels take into battle in the Heavens, and that when we pray we set 10,000 angels to fLight with swords of fire. Swords to fight principalities of greed and famine and war - together the angels and humanity establish “On Earth as It Is in Heaven”. She trained me in the ways of stewardship and said that Almighty is the color of water. i’ve seen that faith the size of a mustard seed moves mountains. I-nity.

No religion - just A Living Word.

this is vomit tho. apophatic sustainability type beat. like uhhh rebirth isn't the rejection/absence of death…um maybe lemme say it like this: i often think about how i've become the white-washing colonizer whenever i gesso a canvas or force something into a new shape. Meaning making requires Projection. (1948 - 2024.)

Materials: hair, junkmail, plastic flowers, dead things, various resins, plushies, poetry, sublimation paper, spray paint, roaches, a eulogy, wigs, weave, sake, batteries, vapes, racist heirlooms, dead tech, a desktop computer, empty hair products, expired glasses, lots of foams, plaster, lots of packaging, air dry clay, acrylic and oil paint, shrinky dinks, various markers, lots of different kinds of metal, vinyl, rope, nails, Jacksonville FL fish scales, food waste, lots of stabs, empty cans, monotypes, production residue, embroidery, laser cuts and etching, burns, styrofoam, acetone, rhinestones, candles, cowrie shells, mirrors, found objects, previous paintings, 2010 journal entries, family portraits, rubber cement, 3D printed objects, pearls, puff paint, tempera sticks, psilocybin, a tally for all the lives i’ve killed - for now, prismacolor pencils, hot glue, silicone, glitter, memes, throwies and prayers.

pontificatin: clothing is more provocative than the nude + reclamation thru crucifixion something something xenoestrogen … working title open to thots - oh yea also beauty is tied to shock. { A Wearable } (2023)

Materials: 2009/2010 journal entries, polyester fleece, spraypaint, found wires, 2023 selfie w/ partner <3